Clients I worked for.

Industrial Solutions.

During my professional carreer I worked on several industrial projects. Sometimes for fictive companies, other times for huge multinationals but always with a passion for quality, integrity and bright solutions.

Graphic Arts.

When I was about 14 years old I started talking HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT as a hobby. After a few years of screwing around with my own website(s) I created my first commercial website. After that one there was another one, and another and so on. Right now I made at least 7 commercial websites. or maybe 8.. Anyways, some of em are shown below.

Creative Crafts.

In my spare time I sometimes like to act as a creative maniac and create fun products, useless stuff and creative disasters. You'll also find some more silly school projects I worked on during the first two years of my study. Some more brilliant than the other, but all worth showing in my opinion.

Photo Shots.

When traveling I keep my camera at hand to capture the unique moments I live by.
These moments always hit me out of nowhere but the memories never go away once they enter my lens.

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