The Problem.

In a group of five students we worked on making a durability improvement for regular offices. Early on we decided to go for a complete redesign of an office chair. Despite the many many office chairs out there, even the durable and Cradle2Cradle ones we still thought we could make a difference. We aimed for a really easy and rapid recycling process on the end of the life cycle of the chair. Most current (sustainable) office chair still end up as waste after a couple of years. In our vision this was in high contrast with the purpose of sustainability.

The Result.

The chair we came up with is called the STAMP Fuse and was presented to the group by the video above. In contrast to the many questions from the teacher to the other groups, the only question they asked us was: “Can we show your presentation video on the open day of The Hague University?” The STAMP Fuse was nominated for the 2013 DOT award of the Hague University which was won and received by a STAMP member.