Fireproof Overhead Door.

In the portfolio of Metacon the Overhead door (OHD) had the most potential when it comes to unexploited market share. The first project that I had to lead while working at Metacon was redesigning the current door, towards a low-budget Overhead door. At first I updated the price/material calculation of the current door to find out where the money was going. New into the branche of industrial doors I pitched a lot of new design ideas during the R&D meetings.

After a year of researching towards the most favorable concept we started working on a door with the same dimentions, build on a wooden frame. This modification made it half the weight and saved 1/3 on production time to gain an overall saving of 25%.

Research & Development.

A lot of calculating was done to compare the different design concepts. The weight of the door is related to the required engine-power, the market strategy was limited by the EN-norms, etc. Finalizing the chosen concept we used a fire-test to get proof of concept. Focussing on 60 minutes of fire-resistance we were happy with the positive test results of 90 minutes fire-resistence. In order to get the fire-resistence certification we needed to redo the fire-test on a full scale test door, which was succesfully tested for 68 minutes. Currently the new door is made ready for production and the factory is equipped with the required machines.