Ridder iQ ERP

While rapidly growing from 40 to 100+ employees, Metacon was looking for a modern data system. Ridder iQ (ERP system) was picked after an careful evaluation of its competitors like SAP and Exact Online. Being the project manager of this system implementation project I had the privilege to get to know every facet of the company. First of all we needed the consulting sessions to get to know the full ERP system and describe the requirements of the managing board. After that I wrote the Project Initiation Document (PID) and essambled a project team to get the job done.

Project highlights:

The goal was to stop using the old system and switch to Ridder iQ on Januari 1th, 2016. With only three months left we divided the tasks and postphoned the less important tasks till after going live. Responsible for the usability, functionality and communication during the complete deployment phase I organized several coaching sessions with multiple departements. Accomplished features include complete industrial product configuration, redesigned company documentation and detailed management information overview.

  • 3 months till going live

  • 2 project teammembers

  • 1 consultant hired

  • 0 days postponed deadline