The Problem.

As part of a minor focused on durability a few assignments had to be made. The task of this assignment was to create a furniture related product from cork for the company Cubicco. This company creates cubes from cork that can be used as stackable offices or even homes. Cubicco would reward the best product design with a place in their assortment.

The Result.

The material cork is mostly used as the material for the wine stoppers in the wine bottles. Due to its waterproof and flexible material properties cork seems the ultimate solution for this. To keep this existing association intact I decided to create something related to the wine bottle, a wine cooler. Cork is a very isolating material and combined with some pre-cooled water inside of the cork cooler it will keep your wine cold for a long time. The dimensions are based on the corks/wine stoppers. Cubicco was delighted with the result and they will publish their decision in January 2013.