The Problem.

The first project on the Hague University was to create a lamp. A paper lamp. Our job was to come with a creative solution where the form of the paper played with the light. There were a lot of possible solutions and kinds of paper to get this done. The school tried to find out what the approach of the students would be on a simple looking project.

The Process.

With only four weeks available for the project it was necessary to start creating concepts very soon. In the first 2 weeks I did some research on the form and inserted the information and tips from the colleges into the concepts. By creating different forms and structures I learned about the effect of the cover on the light of the lamp. This helped me the get inspiration for the lamp I would be making in week 3 and 4.

The Result.

After working on many concepts I chose to combine a circle structure at the top with a half cube at the bottom. The bottom was dimmable and could be slided open resulting in the form of a tulip. Both forms were connected with a nicely finished triangular form. There were made some smooth cuts on the inner side of the paper. This created a warm light effect on the outer side of the paper and in the room the lamp is shining into.